Case Studies

Healthcare practitioners praise TMH’s customized point-of-care solutions.

They improve conversations with patients because they’ve heard about the medications available for their condition. — Hepatologist, Modesto CA
I appreciate your useful way of getting information to my patients. — Neurologist, Nashville TN
It is good for patients who come in for other problems, and incidentally have a condition they just learned about through a cover. — Podiatrist, Florham Park NJ
Very informative. Superior to TV advertisements. — Gastroenterologist, Plymouth MA
Our patients who have COPD are always interested in new updated information/medication that can help them best breath and enjoy life. — Pulmonologist, St. Louis MO
Magazine was well received, people like being able to take home with them. — Veterinarian
More asking about [the product]. Patients always appreciate health information. — Cardiologist
Definitely helps patient awareness. — Neurologist, Nashville TN
Definitely helps patient awareness. — Neurologist, Nashville TN