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Case Studies | 12.02.21

People Health Case Study: Shingles Vaccine

The Challenge

Though 1-in-3 people in the United States are expected to develop shingles during their lifetime, many still are not as aware of the disease, its complications, or how to prevent it. Targeted Media Health wanted to target patients aged 50 and older to drive awareness of shingles and the vaccine to prevent it, and to drive dialogue and stimulate questions between patients and healthcare providers on what they can do to prevent shingles.


This People Health issue was designed as a 32-page “take one” custom guide featuring singer Amy Grant, among other stories. In the issue, Grant talks about her health conditions and struggles, particularly with shingles. 4,500 targeted healthcare offices were reached with this guide, which ran from April to June 2021.

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  • 86.7% of patients are reading the issues of PEOPLE Health.
  • 95.6% of the responding physicians have seen the PEOPLE Health magazines and display stands that were supplied for their waiting room area.
  • Almost all are placing the PEOPLE Health display stand in the waiting room.
    • Waiting Room: 80.0%
    • Exam Room: 17.8%
  • 82.2% of the responding physicians would recommend People HEALTH to their patients.
  • Close to three-quarters of the responding physicians indicated that they feel patients are more informed/knowledgeable about shingles after reading PEOPLE Health. (71.1%)
  • Two-thirds of the responding physicians indicated that their patients have been bringing PEOPLE Health into the exam room. (68.9%)
  • The responding physicians indicated that 77.8% of their patients have been taking copies of PEOPLE Health home with them.
  • 53.3% of the responding physicians indicated that patients asked about the FDA-approved vaccine for the prevention of shingles.


Physician Quotes

“Thanks for the reading material.”

“Good magazine.”

“We make sure [patients] take home due to pandemic.”