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Case Studies | 12.01.21

People Pets Case Study: Pet Food Product

The Challenge

Though at least 57.2% of veterinarian offices did not allow pet owners into their locations in the early months of the pandemic, more recent numbers estimate that 80% of offices now allow owners back into waiting and exam rooms with their pets. With 74.2% of offices reporting that they display Take-One Education Materials, this return to the waiting room creates a prime opportunity for brands to target pet owners, especially those who may be seeking healthier opportunities for their cat or dog.

To reach this audience, Targeted Media Health worked with People Pets to create a Guide specifically for veterinarian offices which would advertise the pet food product. The 16-page special edition issue featured a cover story with country singer Trisha Yearwood where she speaks about her lifelong love of animals. The guides were sent to 2,000 targeted veterinarian offices over three months in 2021.


  • 99.2% of the responding veterinarians have seen the People Pets magazines supplied for their waiting room area.
  • 91.7% of the responding veterinarians noticed the Trisha Yearwood celebrity cover story on the first issue they received.
  • 95.8% of pet owners are reading the issues of People Pets.
  • The responding veterinarians indicated that 79.2% of the pet owners have been taking copies of People Pets home with them.
  • 63.3% of the responding veterinarians indicated that pet owners have been asking about the advertised pet food.
  • 86.7% of the responding veterinarians indicated that they are receiving enough copies of People Pets.
  • 30.0% of the responding veterinarians indicated that the People Pets cover was more impactful to them since there was a celebrity on the cover.


Veterinarian Quotes

“Magazine was well received, people like being able to take home with them.”

“Everyone seems to love it!”

“Love this version of People!”