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Case Studies | 12.01.21

People En Español Salud Case Study: HIV Product

The Challenge

Over a million Americans are currently living with HIV, with Hispanic/Latino populations making up 29% of newly diagnosed patients in 2019. To help those living with the condition, specifically Hispanic/Latino patients, Targeted Media Health sought to educate patients, stimulate discussion between patients and their healthcare providers about treatment options, and promote the advertised drug.

To help fulfill this challenge, the issue of People En Espanol SALUD issue was designed as a 16-page “take one” condition guide. Featured in the issue was a story on Dr. Daniel Campos discussing his brother’s experience with HIV in Cuba. Targeted Media Health reached 2,000 targeted healthcare offices with this guide from July through September 2021.




  • All responding physicians have seen the People En Espanol SALUD magazines and display stand that were supplied for their waiting room area.
  • Almost all are placing the People En Espanol SALUD display stand in the waiting room.
    • Waiting Room: 62.5%
    • Exam Room: 12.8%
  • 50% of the responding physicians would recommend People En Espanol SALUD to their patients.
  • 62.5% of patients are reading the issues of People En Espanol SALUD.
  • 12.5% of the responding physicians indicated that their patients have been bringing People En Espanol SALUD into the exam room.
  • One-third of responding physicians indicated that they feel patients are more informed/ knowledgeable about HIV-1 after reading People En Espanol SALUD. (37.5%)
  • The responding physicians indicated that 50.0% of their patients have been taking copies of People En Espanol SALUD home with them.
  • 25.0% indicated that the People En Espanol SALUD guide was already in the exam room.


Physician Quotes

“Thank you for sending [for] Hispanic, in my case Mexican, patients.”

“Patient education is always helpful.”