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News | 03.31.23

TMH on POC: Our POCMA Summit Takeaways

The point of point of care is constantly changing, and we’ve seen firsthand where the industry seems to be heading in the rest of 2023


Just as with other growth industries, the point of care sphere is truly nuanced and evolving at a rapid pace. And we continue to be leaders of this change. How are we redefining the industry? Where can we expand POC for ourselves and the industry overall? How are we utilizing our DE&I initiatives? These questions are the beginning of where we can find POC in the near future. The healthcare sector, as a whole, has undergone significant transformation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Point of care was no exception. But we’ve overcome this; the waiting room has been completely transformed- so much so that it is no longer just the waiting room.


The start of 2023 has shown the industry trends so far, and our team genuinely understands where the rest of the year may take us. The growth of point of care is the stand-out statement that continues to take the forefront. As the world evolves, so does the point of care. The industry constantly has new and exciting opportunities for HCPs, patients, and marketers. 


On March 22, 2023, our team attended the 2023 POCMA Industry Summit. The event held the most prominent members in the industry- with seminars presented by speakers touching upon the most relevant topics of POC today. The speakers provided insight into every aspect of the point of care journey, touching upon how each member in the POC lifecycle can achieve success.


While we are experts in our section in the long POC journey, it is essential to thoroughly understand the more specific areas of which our campaigns affect. Listening to the HCPs and patients involved has always been our utmost priority- and hearing their stories firsthand was incredibly invaluable. Each individual who reads our print and/or experiences our digital solutions has their own unique lens. Coming out of the event, our team is that much more knowledgeable on today’s trends. We plan to use this experience to cultivate our strategies as we advance, driving new and innovative plans to benefit every section of POC.


Leaving the 2023 POCMA Summit Industry Event, our team holds some takeaways on the most relevant topics in point of care today:


Patient Education

Dan Rubin – VP, Strategy & Marketing

The words ‘patient education’ was emphasized on nearly every panel. Point-of-Care marketers have a massive role in influencing the patient/doctor conversation. Marketers focussing on educating patients that enable productive and efficient conversations will win in the long run.”


A Spotlight on HCP Advocacy Education

Marco Zuccarello – Director, Strategy & Marketing

In the past few years, there has been a definite revolution in the scope and need for a new chapter in HCP education that goes beyond the exam room. Educating HCPs on how to incorporate invaluable advocacy programs into their care plans can have an incredibly positive impact on health outcomes – and a great way for brands to earn trust with patients while helping them go and stay on treatment. 


Redfining POC: The Processes of Going Beyond a Doctor’s Office

Jen McDonald – Executive Sales Director

“One of the main focuses at POCMA was the need to expand the conversation around POC to go beyond the physician’s office. Patients are consuming educational material  in pharmacies, minute clinics, hospitals, etc. It is important to ensure we reach patients everywhere during their healthcare journey.”


Sara Donovan – Account Executive

“If POCMA 2023 showed us anything, it’s that innovation is a constant in healthcare marketing, but the point of care remains the cornerstone of any successful patient marketing program. It can engage and connect with patients to maximize treatment efficacy and ensure learnings are brought into the home to empower patients, caregivers, and families throughout the healthcare journey. However, a truly impactful and successful healthcare marketing program acknowledges the need to provide support at each step and location where care is given – redefining the points of caring for patients. Starting with the physician–which works to establish brand equity and trust–messaging should resonate at pharmacies, retail locations, and community centers where health and wellness come into focus. An appropriate and complimentary print, mobile, and digital strategy work to extend a brand’s message and paves the way for improved overall health outcomes for patients – which should be the underlying goal for any healthcare campaign in the first place, right?


POC and its DE&I Initiatives

Rebecca DeBiasse – Account Executive

“Representation matters in all aspects of life. It cannot happen without both POC vendors and pharma companies working together. Diversity is great in the ad itself, but without a great content piece or media that reaches your diverse audience, it gets lost. Focusing on these efforts is a start in our industry.”


Wellness in the Point of Care

Rebecca Volk – Account Executive

Wellness is connected to everything about us – from work to family. Every decision we make are wellness decisions, which makes it personal. We are redefining the POC landscape to instill trust between consumers and healthcare providers.”